Find your way.


Evolve beyond one-size-fits-all parenting strategies!

Your kids are unique, your family is unique and you need tools that not only work, but that you can feel good about using. Good parenting isn’t about sacrificing to give your kids the world. It’s about you showing up with intention and meaning so they can learn to do the same! It isn’t about using rewards and punishment to make kids behave, it’s about fostering the sense of responsibility and connection that makes kids want to contribute.
Let’s face it … the little ones we’re raising now will grow up to be adults one day…

What kind of people do you want to share with the world? And what kind of life do you want to live in the meantime?
Let me help you find your Parenting Path. You’ll never look at parenting the same way again …

Parenting can be such a sensitive subject - we are all trying to do our best, and we feel like any feedback and suggestions that we hear can feel very personal. Aki is compassionate and tough as a parenting coach. She combines a real-life understanding as a fellow parent with powerful, effective, and actionable tools to help you see improvements in your relationship with your kids immediately. And that's really key - Aki is all about seeing you building a lifelong relationship with your kids, your partner, and your family as a unit.

—Amy Simpkins, Coach at Life Architecting and mom of two.